Watch some tips and hints on networking for legal sector professionals from Andy and Jason:

Sometimes at a business networking event you meet fellow networkers but have trouble moving on from the conversation. Disengaging other people a mixer or networking breakfast can take a bit of skill if we are to avoid leaving a bad tast in the mouth.

Solicitors, lawyers and attorneys frequently want to know whether they should be collecting as many cards as possible at networking events, or should they be looking for the high quality relationships. Andy Szebeni of Solicitor Networking outlines in this 2 minute video, how to work towards getting the right balance at mixers and open networking meetings.One of the major issues for solicitors at networking events if introducing themselves to new groups of people. It this short video, Andy Szebeni of Solicitor Networking outlines some powerful tips on the importance of listening first, before joining the conversation.

When solicitors attend networking events, they need to be careful how they bid farewell to the less interesting other networkers. In this video Jason Cobine of Solicitor Networking explains why it is so important to disengage with dignity.