Our open sessions welcome legal professions for several firms. Maybe this is not ideal for your firm. Do you
- want a bespoke delivery including content focussed on particular areas different to our standard course
- need an alternative date because our open course dates don't suit your firm
- wish the course to be delivered sooner than our next open course date
- need an event delivered in a location other than our usual Piccadilly training facility
- have more than 4 staff who could benefit from the training and you don't want them out of the office for too long

Then you should consider our in-house events. We can personalise, tailor and bespoke the standard Solicitor Networking course for you practice. We can brand it under your firm and we can maximise it's relevance to your participants. You may want:
- 1.5 hour bite-size delivery
- a comprehensive one-day course
- a session included in a training series or away-day that your firm already has planned

Once you have taken into account the reduced down-time through travelling and improved content through tailoring, you may be surprised how economical can be our in-house delivery of the Solicitor Networking modules.

Contact us today either by phone on 020 3327 0995 or by using the form below for a quote.