A&P Training is a specialist sales and customer service training organisation. It's clients include solicitors and the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners which includes more than 50 solicitors. A&P is one of the National Selling for Solicitors Survey consortium.

Director Andy Szebeni has been involved in networking since 1999 when he was the founder member of the first South London Business Networking International (BNI) group. He has since set up networking groups including The Business Executives Association, DG8 and been instrumental in the strategic growth of Trafford Enterprises and has spoken at numerous business events on the subject of networking.

Mark Gough, Owner, Cuff & Gough LLP
“I have known Andy for some years now and have worked with him on projects relating to provision of legal services, in particular regarding the current changes happening in that market. I have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone in need of some fresh thinking and new ways of looking at the business that they are in. Particularly if anyone is in the business of providing legal services."

Mark Chick, Partner, Bishop & Sewell LLP
"Andy has a 'go getter' approach and likes to get things done. If you are looking for an expert in sales and marketing with an all round commercial approach Andy is your man."

Anjani Purohit, Solicitor, Dewar Hogan
"Your workshop worked well in that we tested our (newfound) networking skills in the 'safe' environment of the workshop and then, more or less straight away, had an opportunity to apply them"

Belinda Walkinshaw, Owner, Pickworths
"Brilliant - I was even brave enough to try my new found networking skills with Tony Radevsky and David Ramsell over a glass of wine afterwards"

Jason Winton, Partner, Thirsk Winton LLP
"Great session - thanks Andy, and thanks to all the other participants for making it a very useful and enjoyable event."