Referrals are solicitors' number one source of new business (source: Selling for Solicitors Survey 2010) and these leads depend on quality relationships. Are you getting your fair share?

With the increasingly competitive business environment, you can no longer rely on passively sitting back for clients to refer business. You need to take action. And the key to that is business networking.

Many solicitors know they need to attend drinks receptions, professional networking events, launches, conferences and dinners in order to meet new people.
  • But which ones should you attend?
  • And what should you do when you get there?
  • And how do you turn those good contacts into profitable clients?
Many solicitors dismiss business to business networking as a fad, as "just socialising" or ineffective for winning new clients. A significant minority RELY on networking for a steady supply of new clients.

So why the difference in perception?
Knowledge and skills - those are the answers.

Our events and tools help solicitors in England and Wales to skilfully, systematically and steadily increase the amount of clients they win through those personal relationships. That is business networking.

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At Solicitors Networking we provide tailored and specialist advice and guidance to those in the legal profession who want to win more business from word of mouth introductions in general. Our events and products are perfect for:
  • Senior partners needing new ways to reach higher targets
  • Paralegal looking to prove they can be successful fee earners
  • Business development specialist wanting tips on how to motivate practice staff
  • A sole proprietor wanting to increase billing
  • Solicitors in a competitive sector needing to defend the territory
  • A curious sceptic that wants to know what all this networking malarky is about
Have a look around to find out more. Check out our credentials, who we are and what we do. And maybe come along to a Solicitor Networking event and invest your valuable time and a small amount of money to see how much opportunity there may be out there for you and your firm.


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